Ayla Breast & Nipple Care Cream Premium | Natural & Herbal Enlargement | Lifting, Tightening & Firming

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Breast, Breastfeeding, Nipple Cream Care

Ayla Breast Care Nasa is an herbal breast care cream, which is able to tighten and enlarge the breast naturally and quickly. Made using nano technology and bio energy makes breast cream able to work more effectively and more economically in use.
Proportional and beautiful breasts form one of the attractions of the husband to his wife, and become a pride for a woman. Women who have had large breasts, over time, will decrease firmness and elasticity due to reduced estrogen hormone due to age, due to breastfeeding, and other factors. This is a big problem, but this can be avoided if women routinely perform breast care properly.

How to use:
Clean the breast with warm water first so that the cream absorption process can run well Apply the cream evenly on all parts of the breast except the nipple A circular and slow massage For maximum results, do a 10-20 times circular massage and let it dry and absorb.
Approved by Indonesian FDA #NA18140100462


  • Effective for lifting and firming the breast
  • Restores breast elasticity. Remove wrinkles on the nipples.
  • Effective for breast enlargement
  • Improve blood circulation in the breast
  • Beautify the shape of the breast curve

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