Clidacor Gel - Clindamycin Phospate for Acne Vulgaris and Scars Treatment

Clindamycin Phospate for Acne Vulgaris and Scars Treatment

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Clidacor Gel - Clindamycin Phospate for Acne Vulgaris and Scars Treatment


Compositions :
Each gram of gel contains Clindamycin phosphate equivalent to clindamycin 10 mg

Size: 10 gr
Exp Date: 18 month since your purchase date.

Actions :
Altought clindamycin phosphate is inactive in vitro, rapid in vivo hydrolysis converts this compound to the antibacterially active clindamycin. Clindamycin in vitro active to propionibacterium acnes. Free fatty acids on the skin surface has been decreased from approximately 14 % to 2 % following application of clindamycin.

Indication :
For treatment of acne vulgaris.

Dosage and administration :
Apply lightly to the affected skin area twice daily.

Contraindications :
    Patients who have hypersensitivity to clindamycin.
    Patients who have a history of regional enteritis or ulcerative colitis.
    Patients who have a history of antibiotic – associated colitis.

Adverse reactions :
Burning, itching, skin dryness, erythema, oily skin, peeling, skin irritation, gram – negative folliculitis abdominal pai, and gastrointestinal diturbances.

Warning and precautions :
    Use of the topical formulation of clindamycin results in absorpyion of the antibiotic from the skin surface, so that like administared orally when significant diarrhea occurs, the durg should be discountinued.
    Used with caution in pantients with atopic individuals.
    Used with caution in pregnant and nursing women, this drug should be used only if clearly needed.
    Safety and efficacy in pediatric patients under the age of 12 has not been estabilished.

Drug interactions :
Clindamycin has been shown to have neuromuscular blocking properties that may enchane the action of other neuromuscular blocking agents, therefore is should be used with caution in patients receiving such agents. In vitro antagonism has been demonstrated between clindamycin and erythromycin. It is advised to separate the time of adminitration of each drug, because it is possible to be clinically significant effects.

Overdosage :
No special medications. If allergic reactions occur, the usual agents (corticosteroids adrenalin and antihistamine) should be avaible for emergancy treatment.

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Just got the product 1 week ago. Can’t say yet it it works, but happy that my order arrived!

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