Hydroquinone 5% Topical Cream Reviews

Hydroquinone 5% Topical Cream.
If you have a skin condition it could be anything, but if it is any of the following then you could treat it with the new wonder drug in the market Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream for positive results.
Conditions that are treated
This cream branded as “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream, treats Hyperpigmentation, Freckles, Melasma and Acne spots. Patients suffering from Hyperpigmentation would have areas of their skin or nails darkened which is generally caused by increased melanin in the body.
This condition could be caused due to exposure to the Sun which could affect sensitive skins. People with darker skin color are more prone to the effects of Hyperpigmentation when they are exposed to prolonged Sunlight conditions. People who work outdoors without adequate protection could contract this skin condition.  
Inflammation of the skin and damage could also cause such conditions. Hyperpigmentation could be the result of another skin condition which affects the skin follicles which is referred to as Acne Vulgaris. There are many forms of Hyperpigmentation which are all caused due to the excess presence of melanin.
Melasma is also a skin condition which is generally prevalent in pregnant women and is popularly known as the “mask of pregnancy”. It could affect others too but women who are on oral or patch contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could also contract melisma.
Melasma is evident in brown patches around the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lips and the forehead. It could also be seen around other parts of the body. The causes of Melasma are also due to the excess activation of the melanocytes cells in the skin and the excess production of melanin. Melasma does not generally cause irritation other than the discoloration of the upper skin.
Freckles which are common in whiter skin are also another skin condition due to the excess production of melanin in the skin and do not cause any other issues other than the spots we commonly see.   
Melanin is a broad and generalized term for natural pigments found in all organisms which is produced by the oxidation of amino acid tyrosine, followed by a process called polymerization. A specialized group of skin cells prevalent in many organisms called melanocytes are what would produce melanin. Eumelanin, pheomelanin and neuromelanin are three types of melanin, when in excess could cause various skin diseases.
The excess production of any of these types of melanin could result in different types of Hyperpigmentation, which could spread to large swathes of the skin and cause irritation too. Though it is generally known to confine itself to the face and back of the hands there have been cases where it has spread elsewhere on the body too.

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Product Review
Branded as “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream is available in a 15 gram tube and offered in a small packet. The cream contains 5% of Hydroquinone which is the active ingredient which is basically endowed with bleaching properties.
The affected area needs to be thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate cream or lotion cleanser and well dried. The “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream is then gently applied about three hours before retiring to bed at night. The treatment is at night only and is not to be repeated during the day.
The “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream would whiten the affected areas and restore it to the original color gradually taking away Hyperpigmentation spots, freckles, melasma and acne spots.
The treatment needs to be continued over a period of 12 weeks for positive results but whitening would begin after the cream has been administered for two weeks or so. Once results have been positive and the skin has returned to its natural color “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream, should be applied only when needed.
The “Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream should not be used on children aged 12 years and below and should be kept away from the reach of children as all medications should be.   
Effective resultsNo side affects18 months shelf life
Bleaching creamCould have adverse effects if applied elsewhere
The results have been satisfactory and there has not been any adverse skin reactions to the use of Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream. Still if you are having any of the above conditions and have been recommended this medication for treating the condition it would be prudent to apply to a small area on the skin and then observe for a day before continuing with the treatment in all the affected areas.
Ensure that you apply lightly and as directed for optimum results. The affected areas should be well cleaned and dried, before administering Eqinon Forte” Hydroquinone 5% cream. This is available for purchase online and would reach you ideally within 5 to 15 days after order confirmation.
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