12 Tubes of Permethrin Cream 5% for Scabies and Lice Treatment

New 12 Tubes of Permethrin Cream 5% for Scabies and Lice Treatment
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You will buy 12 Tubes of Scabicore Cream - Permethrin 5%

Composition :
Each gram of cream contains
Permethrin..........50 mg

Size: 30 gr
Format: Cream
Exp Date: 18 months since your purchase date

Pharmacology :
Permethrin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic against mites, lice, body lice and other arthropods. Permethrin works by interfering the polarization of the nerve cell wall of parasites throught a bond with sodium. This delayed the repolarization of the cell wall and eventually paralise parasites. Permethrin is rapidly metabolized in the skin. The inactive metabolites which are excreted primarily in the urine.

Indication :
Treatment of infestation with sarcoptes scabiei (scabies).

Contraindications :
Hypersensitivity to permethrin, synthetic pyrethrin.

Dosage and administration :
SCABICORE cream is used for a single application . apply SCABICORE cream evenly on the entire surface of the skin from head to toes, especially the area behind the ear, crease buttocs and between the fingers. Duration of use for 8 – 12 hours. It is recommended to apply at night and the wash on the next day.

Warning and precautions :
•    Scabies is usually accompanied by pruritus, erythema and urtica. After the use of SCABICORE cream there is a possibility that the symptoms are not immediately disappear.
•    Avoid contact with eyes.
•    The safety of SCABICORE cream in pregnant and breast-feeding women is unknown.
•    It is safe in pediatric patients two months of age and older, while the use in infants less than two months is unknown.
•    If irritation persist, recommended immediatelt contact a doctor.

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